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Asher Farm Market & Asher Farm

A Natural Experience

About Us

I have had the seed of this idea, this small market, full of fresh....natural....every thing for a very long time.  I have too many passions and too much creative energy. This market, is my effort to embrace my passions, and creativity. And to help our micro farm become self-sustaining.

So I am here on the farm, growing it and making all kinds of stuff. We finally opened a market/shop onsite here at the farm. And Asher Farm Market is born.


Soap Naturals is our first fully developed product line of all natural soaps, bath bombs, body butters and sugar scrubs. We use raw ingredients that are nourishing and healing to your body. We added goats to the farm in late 2016 so we could source our own milk for our Goat's Milk Soaps. What a joy they have been.  We started with 2 lovely does in December of 2016. We have 17 at the moment and we are growing each spring with new babies born. We will hopefully be adding a goat page soon.

We have fresh eggs from free ranging chickens available most all of the time, we also have duck eggs. We currently have around 85 head of beautiful dairy goats, and a few dairy cows.

The future is bright and filled with ideas.

I'll be blogging the journey, when time allows, you can follow us on Facebook.

I'm sure the future will, at the very least be interesting!!

Thanks for your interest

Wayne and Anita Andrews