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Blog posts July 2018

New Addition - Honey Badger the LGD

It was a year ago, according to Face Book that we brought home our first LGD, Gracie the Great Pyrenees. LGD stands for Livestock Guardian Dogs, these are dogs that have been bred for generations for the specific purpose of guarding livestock against predators of any kind. Normally large dogs, wit…

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Goat's Milk Lotion

Looks like we will have a new addition to our great line up of products soon!!  Every thing seems to be holding together well with the Goat's Milk lotion.  I'm so pleased with how its held up and performed. Everyone that has been using it, loves it. I personally have done every thing in my power to …

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The Parrots

I don't post much about the Parrots.  They've been here so long I often forget they are very much a part of this farm life!!

Last September we started a big project. The old aviary was showing its wear and needed replacing. So we set out to build a new better aviary, only somewhere along the way G…

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These little girls have been such a fun group to have on the farm. They were born on March 14 about 7pm! Lucia, my first Nigerian Dwarf goat is their mama and Lil Hills Farm SFR Rainman, my first herdsire, is their Dad!! Rain is such a dream to own. He's gorgeous and sweet!! Lucia, was huge when we …

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I finally attempted some Goat's Milk Lotion. I've read alot of negative stuff about making lotion in general and especially Goat's milk lotion. So I just kind of skipped over the lotion process. Well, its been requested often, and I finally decided to check into it more in depth. 

I spent a few da…

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