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Another Season....

We have finished kidding for 2024, there are 58 beautiful kids on the ground!!! Our numbers are outrageous and we will be working hard to get that under control in the next year. Kidding season will be greatly reduced.

Our cow herd has grown. Jewel, another Pineywoods has joined our herd, We have also retained Freckles last two calves since they were gorgeous heifers, half red angus/ half pineywoods. They should make some beautiful calves.  So we are currently as 7 ladies in the herd. 3 Jersy cows, and now 4 cows for beef production. Which is exciting.

Spring went by in a flash, because I was so busy kidding. Not much sleep, alot of stress and its all a bit of a blur. Hard to believe the heat of summer is settling in already.

The barn is loud from the hum of the fans that keep every body comfortable.

I'm about to try a new selling plan for the farm. If you follow us, it will be on facebook soon as I try to prepare our website for it. I'll announce it in the coming days.


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