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These little girls have been such a fun group to have on the farm. They were born on March 14 about 7pm! Lucia, my first Nigerian Dwarf goat is their mama and Lil Hills Farm SFR Rainman, my first herdsire, is their Dad!! Rain is such a dream to own. He's gorgeous and sweet!! Lucia, was huge when we went into labor at day 146, she was right on schedule as far as Nigerians go.

I was right there to assist her. Birthing babies can take alot out of a doe. Even though she doesn't necessarily NEED my help, being there, cleaning babies, gently assisting them into the world relieves the stress on the doe and helps her conserve energy.

The entire process didn't last much over 30 minutes from the first real push, and toes pointing out, to the last big push to get a full breach baby out, we had four babies on the ground, a heap of dirty towels and Lucia and I both were exhausted.

Once everyone was fairly dry and stable I started checking to see what we had. I checked through them once... looked like all girls, surely not.  I'll check them all again, with four babies, its a bit chaotic. Still looks like ALL GIRLS. Did we just have a set of quads that are all little does?  Seriously?  One last check, this time noting each girl, yep, it was an all girl squad!!

They have been a pile of fun!! I'm not sure there is anything more beautiful than to watch Lucia run out across the green grass surrounded by her four babies. Naming was quite a chore, for better or worse I settled on four flowers that all started with the letter P. We ended up with, (in order of their birth) Poppy, Petunia, Pansy and Peony!!

I probably should sell one or two but it seems kind of mean to break this group up. So for now, they are all here!!

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