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Christmas 2018

WOW - so much has been going on!!  The farm is really shaping up! We have crossed fenced what used to be our huge front yard and now 1/2 of it is a pasture!! But the fence is gorgeous. I worked through the fall adding some raised beds on the OTHER side of the yard, one of the main reasons for the fence.  NO GARDENING WITH GOATS. You can't grow ANYTHING with goats loose in the yard!! Now that the fence is in place, I'm spending the winter setting up some raised beds so we can grown herbs and fresh greens and all that fun garden stuff. All of our barn cleaning is being composted into the raised beds!! 

The goats are great. We have 17 now!! 5 does will be delivering babies in the spring so that is really exciting.  We have a few young does will be breeding in the spring for fall babies!! That will keep us in milk!!

We had a GREAT HONEY harvest this year. We still have plenty of honey for sale, its listed on our sales page if you want to check that out!! We also sell our raw milk, and we have fresh pasture eggs!! Brought in a new batch of baby chicks back in September, so egg production will really ramp up in the spring.

Plans for the winter include two new chicken houses, one in the backyard/barnyard compound for the laying hens, and a second one out further out in the goat's pasture to raise some meat chickens and turkeys!! Just hope the weather gives us a few more nicer days, we've had tons of rain!! It takes sunny days to get that stuff built. 

We also hope to expand the barn a little bit to make some room for a cow!! We hope to add a Jersey to our little menagerie!! That will be fun! 

Our commercial kitchen/storage/milkroom/retail shop is coming along. We're converting a 53foot van trailer for this project. Walls are mostly up inside, and some of the wiring is run. The outside pole is up for electricity. Baby steps baby steps baby steps. We get there eventually!!

This farm is such a blessing to us. Its a sanctuary, and home, and a place we love to be. If you're ever passing through, look us up!! You can hug a goat, or pet a chicken!!

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