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Goat's Milk Lotion

Looks like we will have a new addition to our great line up of products soon!!  Every thing seems to be holding together well with the Goat's Milk lotion.  I'm so pleased with how its held up and performed. Everyone that has been using it, loves it. I personally have done every thing in my power to get it to grow mold and make a mess but its held up well with NO ISSUES. I'm happy about that.

So that is a great addition to the line-up. Since I'm putting it out there I think I will go ahead and introduce a Rose infused face cream I made up and tried out last year.

The farm is just doing its usual through the summer. We're milking, feeding and mowing grass.

The bucks are all headed into stinky rut!! And the girls are all becoming more active and apparent in their heat cycles.  Which means our breeding season is fast approaching. I think I have it all settled in my mind about who will be "dating" who for kidding season next year!! I will be using 3 bucks this year, and there will be ALOT of babies next spring, starting in February.  Its exciting!! I will be breeding 5 does for sure, but am planning on breeding the youngest group in December for May babies. So we will have two crops of babies!! And that will be so much fun!! And intense and exhausting during delivery time!! LOL

I've been working on a farm page for this site to make it a more complete picture of all we are doing.  I need GOAT PICTURES.... and that takes huge efforts to get some formal shots of the gang, which we've never done. I plan to work on that in the coming weekends when Wayne is around to help.

Hope we get some fencing done this weekend, and there's always something exciting just around the corner!!

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