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I finally attempted some Goat's Milk Lotion. I've read alot of negative stuff about making lotion in general and especially Goat's milk lotion. So I just kind of skipped over the lotion process. Well, its been requested often, and I finally decided to check into it more in depth. 

I spent a few days reading up, checking recipes, picked one and went for it one night about 8pm!  I know not to make stuff at night... it was a gooey milky mess!!!  UHOH, that's not working!! And I threw it out!!

So I waited until the next day for a second attempt. In haste and exhaustion I had mis-read instructions, which I do alot at night...

After Milking and feeding, when things finally settle after the morning rush, I measured and slow heated and mixed and watched... and amazingly enough...I ended up with a silky, creamy wonderful LOTION! It smells terrific with a mix of Lavender, Frankincense and a touch of patchouli, the texture is like silk and my skin feels soft and smooth HOURS after applying it.

So, I bottled it and handed it out to a few folks to test it out. As soon as I know its shelf stable, it will be offered for sale!!  Yall don't want to buy molded or separated lotion!!

So look for it!! Follow us on facebook!! We've got a farm page now, so you can catch some of our day to day activity, and The Market has its own page!!  Thanks for checking in with us!!


Remember when you support a small business or a farm... you are supporting someone's dream!!

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