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New Addition - Honey Badger the LGD

It was a year ago, according to Face Book that we brought home our first LGD, Gracie the Great Pyrenees. LGD stands for Livestock Guardian Dogs, these are dogs that have been bred for generations for the specific purpose of guarding livestock against predators of any kind. Normally large dogs, with gentle natures, raised within herds of the animals they will grow to protect, they can be ferocious when their herd is threatened. There are many different breeds of LGD's, which is an umbrella term that covers them all.

But it takes time and maturity and training. Independent by nature, they can be hard to obedience train and they need a certain amount of socialization, just so they can be managed. There ARE trips to the vet and maintenance things that must be done to maintain their health. Dogs that go 100 to 150 lbs have to have some form of manners, and while kind and sweet naturally, they are independent thinkers, and DECIDE if they want to come when called, or listen to you!! CHALLENGING!!

Gracie has matured well at 14 months, while she still is not completely reliable and won't be until 2 years or older, she does a good job keeping possums, coons, hawks, and the big crane that wants to hang out our pond, away. She checks her perimeters and loves her goats. She's very good with the goats, and I THINK she is safe with chickens. The only issue at the moment is with the ducks... in her mind, ducks are supposed to be on the pond, or the fence barnyard.  If she catches them wandering the grassy yard, she INSISTS (by chasing them) that they must return to the pond. So we are still growing and learning. She also has a penchant for NOT coming when she has something else on her mind. But its a work in progress and time is on my side.

LGD's work better in pairs or groups, so as Gracie has matured and discovered her instincts... we have added a new face. We picked up Honey Badger (aka Honey Booboo) almost 2 weeks ago!! She is 1/2 Anatolian Shepherd and 1/2 Great Pyrenees. And she's just a gangly mess of legs and big feet at 10 weeks old!! She is a very calm dog, with a ton of sense!! She's settled in well, is calm around the goats, and chickens and all the rest. She's cautious with the goats and should be! She's eating great and growing like a weed. She has taken to Gracie, and shadows her most of the day. Gracie doesn't seem to mind her new companion.

So hopefully these two ladies will grow and mature into the amazing animals they are meant to be and provide me with peace of mind, knowing that they stand guard during the night to keep all the other critters safe!! What an amazing calling!! I hope I can help them be the best they can be!

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