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The Parrots

I don't post much about the Parrots.  They've been here so long I often forget they are very much a part of this farm life!!

Last September we started a big project. The old aviary was showing its wear and needed replacing. So we set out to build a new better aviary, only somewhere along the way God gave us a vision for a whole new BARN/AVIARY and the process of pulling it all together was nothing short of amazing.

No plans, just our imaginations and our amazing communication (Wayne and I LOVE to talk to each other) we set out to build this new space. Its been a slow slog, but after the birds having to survive TWO hurricanes in only their flights with no other protections... we were finally able to move them into the new aviary!! It was such an exciting time!!

The birds have responded well to the huge light filled spaces and the high placements off the ground. Our flights extend nearly 14 feet up from the ground!! It shortened our feeding time because our feeding arrangement is nothing short of amazing!!

There is a short video on our Asher Farm facebook page that shows some of the barn. We put in a loft, and have moved the house birds into it. They are SO happy!! Lots and lots of changes around here, and some days I have to take a gulp and hold my breath. I remember the day we took down the last of my old aviary... for nearly 20 years I had lived and worked in that building with my little gang. It was hard to see it come down... it was harder still to see it come down and NO NEW PLACE to go. We were rebuilding on the old footprint. So it had to come down, to bring the new one up.

Life is crazy. Time goes by so fast. And things change. Even good change can be hard. We like the things that are familiar to us. But God knows what we need more than we do ourselves.  And I have to make sure and say that the amazing space that has been added to my life was His Vision... Wayne and I just implemented what He showed us!! And I'm grateful for these changes!! Stretching those tent stakes, is what the Bible calls it. LOL!!!

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