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Tis The Season!!

We have been BUSY around here!! So much going on as the seasons change.  We're about to have our first really cold snap here in Alabama.  All the bird buildings are buttoned up, so no body will be too chilly.  The greenhouse is in FULL swing, lemon tree has bloomed and has lemons, the lime tree looks happy, the pineapple plants LOVE their new home!! I'm rooting some tomato cuttings I took before the first frost got the heirloom tomatoes.

The bees have settled in for winter, I did steal a little honey late fall. Its rich and dark like fall honey is, and delicious.  I've created an amazing face cream using colloidal oatmeal, honey, Shea butter and coconut oil. My face is loving it!!

The winter garden is doing well. The lettuce is crunchy and delicious, cabbages, Brussell sprouts and broccoli are all growing well.

Its peanut brittle and pecan brittle season, and I started sour dough starter and have been baking sour dough breads.  I love to bake in the winter, nothing like a busy hot stove to warm the house!! We've been doing soups and stews for a few weeks now.

Rain FINALLY came!! It was with a grateful heart I watched my happy ducks and geese wander the yard in the downpour.  We continue to pray for those who have had to deal with the wild fires, the victims and the brave folks who work so hard to fight them... and not just in TN but all over the country!!

I've got to get busy with Christmas boxes, and fill them with all the goodies I make around here. Tried out a new recipe I had run across, candied citrus peel... what a shock that was!! So simple and makes an all natural delicious candied treat!!

There's a bit of an update! I try to post pics on our facebook page, you can always check us out there.  I've added buttons to the front page to find us, and view our timeline.  Slowly but surely I'm working at pulling this all together!!


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